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The  untold story of the murder that shook the world

119 min | USA 

Director : Bryan Fogel Academy & Bafta Awards winning Director for ICARUS (2018) 

Genre : Feature Documentary, Crime, Thriller

Prod. : Bryan Fogel | Thor Halvorssen | Mark Monroe | Jake Swantko

SUNDANCE Festival 2020

THE DISSIDENT is an edge-of-your-seat, adrenaline-filled docu-thriller that plays out at the highest levels of power, exposing the labyrinth of deceit behind the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Khashoggi was a principled reformer who sought to create a more open society in his homeland, and who was ultimately murdered for his vocal opposition to the Saudi government. Featuring never before seen surveillance footage and unprecedented access to a wealth of other damning information previously unavailable to the public, Fogel earned the trust of those closest to the tragedy -- Khashoggi’s fiancée Hatice Cengiz and the UN Special Rapporteur who led the inquiry into the assassination, Agnès Callamard, as well as Turkish police and prosecutors, cyber security experts, and a young Saudi activist with whom Khashoggi was secretly collaborating, Omar Abdulaziz -- to weave together this story of courage, money, power, tyranny, love, and technology run amok.

A powerful, frightening look at an international coverup, THE DISSIDENT illustrates that in today’s world, no one who goes against powerful forces is truly safe.

#TheDissident is THE most important documentary (about #JamalKhashoggi ) I’ve seen this year. thank you for your incisive wor@SeanPenn

“A first-rate documentary about a scandalous political tragedy. ”

“Bryan Fogel's powerful documentary about the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi Arabian Washington Post journalist, is an eye-opening thriller brew of corruption, cover-up, and real-world courage.”

“Compelling. A propulsive cinematic thriller”


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