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The  true  and  heroic  story  of  world famous  mime  Marcel  Marceau

120 min | Germany, UK, France, USA 

Director & writer : Jonathan Jakubowicz


Prod. : Pantaleon Films

46th Deauville Festival 2020

Official Selection, European Premiere

The true and heroic story of world famous mime Marcel Marceau (Jesse Eisenberg), who worked with the French Resistance to save the lives of ten thousand orphans from the Nazis during World War II. Their mission : to lead the children safely across the Swiss border whilst being pursued by the ruthless SS Klaus Barbie.

Jesse Eisenberg (young Marcel Marceau)
Ed Harris (George Patton General)
Édgar Ramírez (Sigmund)
Clémence Poésy (Emma)
Matthias Schweighöfer (Klaus Barbie)
Felix Moati (Alain)

“A tense and gripping thriller inspired by yet another true life, World War II era tale of courage and resolve against one of history’s most unthinkable evils.”

LA Times
“Resistance tells a story that’s plenty strong on its own terms, and if anything, it’s a bonus that one of the key participants should survive to become famous. Afforded depth and gravitas by Angelo Milli’s string score, the film hardly needs the framing device in which Ed Harris appears as General Patton, regaling his troops with Marceau’s story before inviting him onstage for his first public show.”

“The film functions as a handsomely mounted biopic that tells a little known story with considerable passion.”

SLANT Magazine


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